PlayStation 5 1
PlayStation 5 1

As you may know, the current generation of consoles is about to say goodbye, giving way to a new PlayStation 5 and a new Xbox, but we do not know the name of the Xbox yet… Scarlett, Anaconda, Xbox 2? Who knows!

That said, E3 2019 has already gone much further, Microsoft has already warned that you will have a few bomb ads! However, Sony decided to miss the biggest video game event because it had nothing to advertise…

Or is it saving a big ad for the end of the year? While waiting for Microsoft’s move at E3?

That said, let’s focus a little, on what Sony will offer with its new PlayStation 5.

After all, thanks to several patents already registered, and several leaks from sources with proven evidence. It is already possible to draw some conclusions about what the Japanese giant is developing in its laboratories.

1 – Faster startup of games

There are many moons behind, you just needed to stick the cartridge in your old Sega Saturn or SNES, and BOOM! The game was already playing.

However, things have changed a lot in recent years, and ‘loading’ times are an annoying reality todayMuch thanks to the size of the games themselves, as well as all the extras we download.

Therefore, Sony wants to solve, or at least mitigate, this problem by reducing loading times using a patent called ‘Game Application Launch System and Method‘.

Which in the background is an intensive system of loading files into RAM. (It’s not by chance that the PlayStation 5 will have anything like 20GB of memory!)

2 – Renewed VR support

VR is becoming more popular! However, consoles have not still reached the same level of what we can find in the PC.

That said, the PlayStation VR even had some success, selling about 3 million units. What despite impressing Sony, is a rather low number, compared to more than 90 million PS4 consoles sold.

Thus, from the PlayStation 5, the PSVR2 should be part of the hardware of the console. At least processing should be done by the console… I do not believe Sony offers the headset!

3 – Let’s have a Blu-Ray player! Do not say farewell to the physical format

Curiously, already at the time of the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One, several experts said that the Blu-Ray was dead and that sales of games would only be made Online.

But do not count on that already, Sony has even developed a Blu-Ray disc with much more capacity, to manage to match the size that the games will have in the coming years. (Let’s talk about this already next)

4 – The new Blu-Ray will have an ‘XL’ size!

Yes, as we said above, the fragile Blu-Ray CDs will continue to accompany you in your Gaming sessions.

But this time, it will not be the normal disks, but the BDXL format, with 4 layers, in which each will be able to store 128GB of information.

5 – A new and renewed PlayStation Network

Renewed PlayStation Network

One of the biggest complaints about the PlayStation Network is that the service is awkward for you. Getting far short of what Xbox offers with its Live.

That’s why Sony is preparing a major update for its online platform. (The first step was to change the PSN ID).

6 – We will have an APU AMD (CPU Ryzen + GPU Radeon Navi)

It is undeniable that AMD Ryzen processors are having a deep success in the processor market. In fact, in some stores, these processors are even more successful than the Intel offerings.

And taking into account, that the current generation of consoles, is based on AMD technology, it is too obvious, that the same will happen with the new PS5 and new Xbox.

PlayStation 5 technical specifications:

  • Code Name: Epsilon
  • CPU: x86-64 AMD “Zen 2” 8 cores / 16 threads at 3.2GHz
  • GPU: AMD Radeon “Navi” capable of 14TFLOPS
  • Memory: 20GB -> 16GB GDDR6 memory capable of 860GB / s + 4GB DDR4 memory for Operating System
  • Storage: 1TB / 2TB HDD
  • Official Announcement: Third or Fourth Quarter of 2019
  • Official Launch: Fourth Quarter 2020

7 – V-Sync Support

For those who do not know, V-Sync technology allows the graphics processor to render the game well, taking into account the refresh rate of the monitor or TV, which will show the image.

That is, if by chance the GPU is working at a higher rate, than what your TV can show. Let’s end up finding cases, where we will have several parts of several frames, in the same image … That is, ‘Screen Tearing’.

It’s in the background, a technology that already exists on the PC for many years, and that will finally make the same way to the PlayStation 5. And still good!

8 – Retro-Compatibility! The Sony PS5 will support all PlayStation games!

This is something that fans of Sony’s console have been asking for many years! In fact, if you remember correctly, the PlayStation 2 supported games from the first console. And the first PS3 also supported games from the two previous consoles.

Even more curious than all this, the PSP itself, supported PS1 games, thanks to an emulator produced by Sony itself.

But all this ended with the launch of PlayStation 4… With Sony to bet on PlayStation Now instead of local emulation.

However, Microsoft has gone the other way, betting more and more on Retro-Compatibility. Which, in the end, made Sony also have to revise its strategy!

After all, in another patent registered by Sony, called ‘Remastering Games by Emulation’! Where not only will we have the chance to play the old games, we will have the graphics and audio improved, thanks to this technology.

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