Please Read This Before Upgrading Your Infinix Hot 2 to Android 6 Marshmallow


Almost all Infinix Hot 2 users are already reporting some errors encountered on their device after upgrading it to Android 6 Marshmallow. They have started having trouble with hidden files which rate 80% and contacts issues rating just 5%.

Infinix HOT 2

Many of our readers had reported these errors in our previous tutorial on How To Upgrade Infinix Hot 2 (Android One) To Android 6.0 Marshmallow, they made it known to us that files on their Hot 2 seem to have disappeared after the update. “I updated my android but I can’t find any of my files, pictures, songs, downloads e.t.c but the are still taking up space,” Precious said. Another comment from Dorcas “I’ve updated but can’t find all my files . how do I get em back pls, and they are very important.”

PS: One user says that he can’t see any visual difference in the device OS/UI after updating.


Files Issues: We recommend that users remove their SD card before installing the update to avoid files saved on it disappearing.

Contacts Issues: We recommend that users remove their SIM before upgrading, if you have any of your contact saved in the mobile storage, make sure it is backed up before proceeding with the upgrade. Some contacts on the phone might get messed up; A number stored with a name would call but it will display just as number without name.

UPDATED: To fix the contact issue, Go to ur contacts, click on the option icon which should be at the top right corner of the phone and select import\export, you just import ur two sim numbers from there. source: Dante

If you have a solution to any of the issues, or have run into any other issue with the update, do share in the comments section below.

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hi admin, people…please are these upgrade issues still persistent till now, and pls what’s d possibility of d upgrade over mobile network data…cos it only says via Wi-Fi. thanks alrdy Dante…


Ose, the new update is now OK and very much stable, I’m still using my hot 2 since last year, and all seems to be going quite well,
For the updates, you have to use a wifi, but I’d you don’t upgrade/update before that date, I will use your data to make the download.


AFter upgrading, my Radio does not even open. It has stopped working. please what is the solution?


I upgraded, i didn’t lose my contacts because i stored in my google account but the contacts does not show syncing again. Contacts saved now show only nos when i called or received. Too much stress ‘you mean you don’t have my no again, ah! It’s me now, what’s up etc


thanks Don Cyber. your insights were very helpful. however, i discovered that my preinstalled radio refuses to work after i did the system upgrade. can you please help with that? or recommend a similar radio app which is offline and can host all the radio stations is Ghana including the foreign ones? thanks!


pls . Hw can l downgrade my fone to previous OS cos d new update is a mess.


Change to xender


Comment…I don’t know why infinix hot2 couldn’t join group on flash share


thanks olisa..about the contacts issue.. it really works


Issues have been fixed in the March update. Mine was downloaded OTA. No more lags, call ending issues etc plus some added features like RAM optimizer, audio profiles etc. I suggest you wait for the update


So you’re trying to say that this new update is better? Cause I have it already, just wants me to restart and install. Can you still change the imei

Ways Inc

Hello Everyone, this Android 6 is just a mess. I upgrade my new Infinix X600 Note 2 and My Photos and music got lost, even some applications are not working properly, this should not be at all. All the files I received were still on the phone but anytime I tried to open it now way, it will say file can not be open. Is there any solution to this please?


I can’t download things like music, video’s and apps from the internet and there is no error message it just doesn’t move or read. it just says save/download and when I click on it, it just remains that way


I have an idea,bt i dnt knw if it’d work. As ur phone is on,remove the battery #hard reset. Put the battery back and when the phone tries to boot,remove it again and put it back,power it manually. If it should finish bootting,it’d optimize ur apps. I hope this would help u.


plx i try upgrading my solo launcher on my inifinix hot 2 and it was slow so i stop the upgrading and since den my phone has been blank i cnt access my phone i cnt see the back and minimize button

Esther Quansah

I Can’t download things from the internet anymore


I don’t understand. What’s the error message??


Hello, for the contacts I just made a backup (export .vcf file), deleted all the contacts, removed automatic sync of “contacts” and “people details” in contact settings…then imported contacts from the .vcf file i backed up. Contact names are now displaying.


To fix the PHOTOS issue, Go to your Photos (i.e click on the photos icon on the phone home screen, then click on the Menu icon (i.e the three bars) which is at the top left corner of the phone and select Device folders, all photos on the device will display here. You will notice that the photos display in groups. Click on each group and then enable Back up & Sync. Repeat same process for other groups (that is if you have more than one group in the photos folder. Ensure that your internet connection is enabled. Good luck.


After the system update to android 6.0, my phone lags and some apps are malfunctioning. I endured the losing of all my files on this phone but the fact that it now lags is really really annoying!


I did the importing of contacts but yet when calls come in it won’t still display the name, it would only display the number… please help me…


@ Kelvin, try it again. Am not sure you imported it well. Both sims importation


You’re welcome Jochie


Having a similar issue here. I pray the solution comes as soon as possible.
Thanks Dante…my contacts are back to normal.