POCO F1: New launcher app now unofficially available

Although still the unofficial way, but the launcher of POCO F1 can now be downloaded. In the next few days, the new Android app should end up in the Google Play Store as a beta anyway, now one of the colleagues has already extracted the app and makes it available for download. POCO promises a new launcher that can handle icon packs, optionally sort icons by color and offer some other customization options. Good or bad? You decide, but only maybe.

On my Nokia 7 Plus with Android 9 Pie namely, the installation fails. And on other devices, the launcher could possibly run quite buggy, I take the first comments on the app. Maybe this version is still a bit early and you better wait for availability in the Google Play Store. This is planned from 29 August 2018, as POCO announced the presentation of the F1.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1, Snapdragon 845 at 260 euros

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