Poco F2 Leak Arrive on the Internet – Powerful processor Expected

The Poco F1 until now is the cheapest smartphone out there with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor on the market. Lately, it is said that Poco F2 will even do better than that.

Top man at the helms of affairs in Poco India told newsmen recently that the company is releasing the Poco F2 very soon. Soon after the announcement, the internet became rife with the news of a new savior in Poco F2.

Instead, a new version of the Poco F1 was released from the company. It is an Armoured Edition of the Poco F1 and it came with impressive features such as 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Poco F2 would have to wait.

With this new leak, those who were disappointed with the other news could be reassured about the entrant of the new F2. Geekbench has got everything you need to know now and that also means that the release is inevitable and also imminent.

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Poco F2 Leak Arrive on the Internet – Powerful processor Expected 1

This new F1 successor will do something simple but hard to accomplish in tech world – bring a powerful phone about with the latest processor in a very affordable price. Somehow, it is expected that the new or latest phone will do it better than the former which also got praises for being the cheapest phone with Snapdragon 845.

So, which chipset will the new Poco phone have? There are some hints that it will house the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 as against the 845 processor. However, the leak shows the new Poco with the old Snapdragon 845 and of course, this will disappoint quite a few enthusiasts. However, it looks as if that could be the most sensible thing for the company to do at this moment.

If Poco will introduce the new F2 with Snapdragon 845, there has to be somewhat few software improvements to enhance the device and show a difference between it and the F1 device. As indications from Poco are coming out, it looks as if the company is all about satisfying users over many things.

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In 2019, we stay focused to see what the new trends in smartphones will mean for Poco India and its clout to be always a tech company having pace-setting ideas in place.

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