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When it comes to taking notes, organizing schedules and improve personal productivity one application that is often favored by a lot of mobile users is Evernote. The application which has enjoyed massive success over the years to become one of the most downloaded productivity apps on the Google Play store has made a big announcement on the management of the company.

The details of the announcement involved the replacement of Chris O’Neill who has been the C.E.O of the Evernote for the past three years with Former TokBox head Ian Small.

“We are all hugely appreciative of the energy and dedication Chris has shown over the last three years, and in particular for putting Evernote on a solid financial footing so we can continue to build for the future.”

This is off the blog post which revealed that the announcement was made aware to the employees. In the same blog post, Small spoke about the Company’s vision and how far they have come since their inception.

“When Stepan Pachikov founded Evernote, he had a vision for how technology could augment memory and how an app could change the way we relate to information at home and at work. Evernote has been more successful at making progress towards Stepan’s dreams than he could have imagined, but Stepan and I both think that there is more to explore and more to invent.”

The change of the C.E.O matches the trend of structural and major leadership changes that Evernote has been undergoing the past couple of months. The company which has found itself struggling to grow its overall paid, active and enterprise users which had led to the company laying off 54 people from its workforce.

Former C.E.O, O’Neill had revealed the company’s strategy towards future growth one driven by product development and engineering could be achieved by streamlining other functions like sales.

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