Portuguese government "advises against using Huawei mobile phones"


The Portuguese Government has advised the entire government not to use Huawei mobile phones or any brand that decides to offer smartphones. The decision comes after the Portuguese government has "flooded into public departments" with products offered by China's technology giants. 

Incidentally, the advice is not only valid for Huawei but for all manufacturers who dare to offer gadgets to our governors. These gadgets were aimed at mobile phones and computers.

Although "no undocumented concrete situation has been detected" by Huawei or any other manufacturer, there is concern about the threat of industrial and political espionage. 

Although the Portuguese Government did not refer to Huawei by word of mouth, it pointed to the recommendation "to all mobile phones offered in general, but to some in particular" offering the example of António Costa when he visited China and Huawei's headquarters.

The Portuguese Prime Minister was offered a smartphone from the company, a smartphone that remains sealed and stored after being declared as a gift in his visit. It was pointed out that António Costa "did not even open the box and the cell phone remains sealed as when it was received."

Are there any reasons to alarm with Huawei mobile phones?

None of this means that Huawei is spying on its users. However, the "floods" of smartphone offerings to members of the Portuguese Government are still a bit curious. I remember that Huawei was banned from the United States and is still under investigation in many countries for the possible threat of espionage with its products.

That is, when the brand decides to give smartphones to the Government of the country, we have to question what these gifts bring up their sleeve. Simple influence? Or something else?

In this way, the Portuguese Government decided to cut the evil at the root and advise against all members of Government that do not use any gadget offered. Be it Huawei or not. 

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