Apple revealed its new operating system iOS 11 during the developer conference held. Tim Cook, CEO of the company, explained that there are a set of advantages in the new OS. The update will be launched soon in September.

Among The Advantages Of The New Apple iOS 11

Map service:

It will be a massive update and will have many additional information such as temperatures, maximum speed and information in public places such as airports and others.

Do not disturb while driving:

This feature makes the device feel driving and becomes silent at the time to avoid driver occupancy when driving.

Audio Assistant:

It will be male and female as desired by the user as well as adding translation from many languages ​​such as French, Spanish, Chinese, German and Italian.

Improve messages:

The application will be provided to improve messaging service such as decorating and access to send more quickly than before.

Apple Store for Applications:

Its design will be improved in the new iOS 11 operating system in order to access applications faster and better.

Music Services:

The user will be given the opportunity to share his favourite music so that his friends can also share it if they want to.

Payment Service:

You can easily pay and receive money through messages and credit cards via the Voice Assistant.


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