Problems with your smartphone? Ask the Google Assistant if he can solve

Google is constantly improving its services, and its Wizard is not an exemption; the artificial intelligence that is present on most Android smartphones today. Last week, the AI got an update with several new features, but it seems that one of the biggest is still reserved for the future.

A Pixel 2 XL user testing the 8.1 beta version of Android Oreo for developers decided to ask the Wizard about a problem on their device that did not charge the battery up to 100%. To his surprise, the AI ​​began to do a check and presented some possible solutions.

With the user’s permission, the Assistant checked the health of the battery and searched for applications that could cause damage to the life of the component. When there are no more possible solutions, AI advises the user to contact Google support by phone or chat. Amazing! Isn’t it?

In addition to the battery, the Assistant can also assist the user in troubleshooting Camera and Bluetooth issues.

For now, only American users with the beta version of Android 8.1 for developers on Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are able to activate this troubleshooting feature, but the idea of ​​Google is to expand to more users. This is what we concluded by reading the company’s help page for Pixel and Nexus users.

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The search giant should still position itself on the subject to reveal whether this function will be taken to all users or whether it will be limited to the Pixel and Nexus lines only.

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