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Proximity Sensor On Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus; How To Turn It On/Off

Proximity Sensor on Samsung Galaxy S9

If you would like turn on or turn off your proximity sensor on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, then follow this guide.

The Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus is packing when it comes to specifications. It has all the basic things you would need in the high-end device and a little more sprinkled on top. One of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus which we are going to be talking about here would be Proximity Sensor which can also be found on other phones.

What is the Proximity Sensor?

The proximity sensor is a Sensor that is able to detect the presence of a nearby object or objects without actually coming into physical contact with the said object(s). The proximity sensor is often placed at the top center bezel of the phone Which is used for numerous things.

The proximity is responsible for keeping your phone screen off when it detects an object close to its surface. It helps keep your ear from pressing a button on your phone screen while making a call. It also prevents pocket dials and battery drain from the display while not in use among other things.

Now if the proximity sensor starts misbehaving or the phone case youโ€™re using at the moment is causing the proximity sensor to malfunction then turning it off would be the best option. You can also use the same method to turn it right back on if you wish.

How To Turn On/Off The Proximity Sensor On Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus

Turning the proximity sensor on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus On/Off is pretty simple. Just follow the steps below.

  • Open The Phone/Dialer App.
  • Click on the Menu Option. (Also knows as the Three Dots at the top right corner of the screen)

  • Tap Call Settings.

  • Click on Turn Off Screen During Calls to Activate or Deactivate the feature. (Depending on if it is checked or not)

That is how to turn on/off the proximity sensor on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus. Now, when it is turned on, the screen will go off when you put the phone to your ear in order to make a call. And when it is turned off, the screen stays on when you put the phone to your ear while making a call.


Left to me, the proximity sensor will always be active. There is a reason why smartphone manufacturers include the features on phones. It helps prevent ear dials(if there is anything like that) when making phone calls without an earpiece.

However, if the proximity sensor is malfunctioning or the case you are using is interfering, causing it to misbehave like I earlier stated. Then turning off altogether might just be the best solution, at least till you get it fixed or do away with the phone case.

What do you think of the proximity sensor on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus? Will you be turning yours off or leave it On? Let us know in the comment section down below.


  1. I do not have any setting ‘Turn off screen during calls’. Your instructions do not apply to my s9.
    I want to turn the sensor off because a case I put the phone in on my bike triggers the sensor with phone calls and turns the screen off, which means I can’t access speaker phone

  2. This option is not there in the call settings menu ๐Ÿ™ My phone screen goes black when I am trying to read information from my phone screen! It is set to turn off after 5 mins but it goes black after less than 1 minute! How can I use it for work if I can’t see the screen!?

    • Thank you, this actually worked for me. It was driving my crazy for months and I’ve been praying and hoping an update would include the option.

  3. all your advice is great…. except if the touch screen doesn’t function, how do I do any of it

  4. Just to correct this article, Samsung built in the proximity software for the S9+ and there is no setting for this feature, it’s automatic. If it’s not working, you have to bit to safe mode, see if that fixes it and if so, it’s not working due to an app that installed. If you can’t find which app, I would do a factory reset and not restore the apps. Restoring the apps will only cause the same issue. You should do this every six months anyway to keep your phone tidy.

    • It’s not that it’s not working. Like Bruce V said even when on speaker phone the screen dims and you have to push the power button. When you want to mute of un-mute you have to push the power button first. It’s a royal pain. There is no good reason to dim the screen while on speaker.

  5. I have a new S9 and there is no “Turn Off Screen During Calls” in the call settings menu under the dialer.
    It is amazing Samsung would disable the option of a dimmed screen while in a call on speaker.
    Apple i6 works perfectly.


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