PS Vita Emulator Download for Android Latest Version Official
PS Vita Emulator Download for Android Latest Version Official

PS Vita Emulator Download: Are you bored playing games on your Android phone with the default controls and want to experience something like a remote controller? If so, then I’m going to provide you one of the most trending emulator app, well known as PS Vita Emulator. Playing games with the help of PS Vita Emulator on your Android will give a little different experience and you also be able to control games efficiently. Usually, when we play games on our Android phone, we play it on default control settings which are provided by the side of the particular Game.

For some, the controls may not be comfortable or not easily controllable because one has a habit of playing games with a controller. In this case, one can use PS Vita Controller to get the desired virtual buttons on the game for better control. This emulator works for most of the games and there is barely any game available that you cannot play with this PS vita emulator.

In this article, we will provide you the PS Vita Emulator Download link of the latest version for Android and also help you setup it to play games with PS type controller. Let’s get started.

PS Vita Emulator for Android Overview

It is a free Android emulator that provides virtual controls button for the games of the Android platform. If you have played any game in PS Vita Console or at least you have seen it then you probably know how easy games become to play with those great buttons. Those customized buttons help user play and control games very easily. Unlike the default game buttons, PS Vita Emulator buttons are well customized and made for all the users. The default game buttons sometimes don’t let us customize the action buttons according to us. And due to that, we won’t able to play or perform super well in the game.

Considering this fact, many games such as PUBG MOBILE started giving full access on buttons to players so they can customize buttons according to their needs. And for that, many PUBG mobile players have appreciated it on the official website of the game. Well, wait for this fact to be accepted by all the other game developer companies. For now, I recommend everybody reading this to use PS Vita emulator for Android. Using it, you can have controls button on any game as per your choice. Whether you want shooting button large, Moving button small or anything, you can easily do that with the PS Vita Emulator for Android.

Basically, PS Vita Emulator will provide you the option to play the game in PS Vita Mode. In this Mode, the default game button will become invisible and you will be able to add & customize controls button as per your choice. We will later guide you on it. Now, PS Vita Emulator Download link is present below. So, just scroll down and download it.

PS Vita Emulator Download Latest & Official Version for Android

PS Vita Emulator Download

Now, you know the benefits of the PS Vita Emulator and how it impacts on controlling the game. For the sake of testing this Emulator, I also have tested some games like NOVA Legacy and found that it really improves the controlling. But you have to make sure that you only download the official version. There are also some third-party developers that have published the same PS Vita Emulator but those are not as helpful as the official one. However, in the official version, the developer has implemented some advance function & feature that the fake version doesn’t have. The version we have provided here is the original one and function well. You will also see the official logo on the emulator and that’s how you can also detect whether the PS Vita Emulator is real or fake.

Before we put the download link for you, let us list the necessary file details such name, size, developer name, etc. And I must recommend to read them first before you step up towards the download button.

File Information of PS Vita Emulator for Android:

  • Apk Name: PS Vita Emulator for Android
  • Size: 16.9 MB
  • Publisher: PS Vita Developers
  • Version: Latest patch
  • Type: Emulator
  • Android Required: 4.0 or Upper
  • Storage Space: 4 GB
  • Updated date: April 10, 2019

Read the file details carefully and with an open mind so you can remember the details. So, when your browser finally notifies you to accept the downloading request, you can easily verify the file. If you don’t verify file before accepting the downloading, you may end up downloading some promotion apps by browsers. Below is the download button that will lead to a Mediafire Download page. From there, PS Vita Emulator Download button (Direct) will be accessible.

PS Vita Emulator Download (16.9 MB)

How To Download PS Vita Emulator on Your Android Phone?

The PS Vita Emulator Download link is listed below. PS Vita Android version has been removed from the official Android App Store. And no one can anymore download & install it from there. If you search PS Vital Emulator, you will find all the fake apps, don’t waste your data on downloading them because most of them will not work properly. After the removal, it becomes publicly visible on the official website to download. And after downloading from there, we have uploaded the APK on Mediafire to serve you in an easy manner. Below are the steps to download PS Vita Emulator for Android:

  1. First, click here or the above download link to reach the Mediafire page where the PS Vita Emulator is hosted.
  2. Wait for the web page to completely load on your Android browser.
  3. Tap on the download button from the right side.
  4. In the next window, press on the green download button.
  5. Wait for your Android browser to catch it.
  6. Verify the file and accept the downloading request.
  7. Then wait for the Emulator to get downloaded completely.
  8. Done.

Just follow the above simple steps to easily download PS Vita Emulator Android version. Make sure you use a Good browser and you have the minimum storage space (we have listed it in the File information) in order to download it correctly. Once you downloaded it, you can follow the installation & setup process from below.

How to Install PS Vita Emulator on an Android Phone Easily?

Install PS Vita Emulator on Android

PS Vita Emulator is a simple application that requires simple steps to install in Android. And its nothing different than installing other applications. Well, let me guide you on how to install PS Vita Emulator on Android phone. Here are the steps:

  1. First, Open the Google Play Store and click on the Apps & Games Option. Then select Play Protect and deactivate it. It’s important for security reasons.
  2. Now, Go to the Android settings>Security>Turn on the Unknown sources.
  3. Now, open the file manager and go to the download folder of the browser.
  4. Locate PS Vita Emulator APK and click on it.
  5. Once you click on it, the installer will get opened.
  6. Scroll download to reach the install button.
  7. Now, tap on the install button and wait for it gets installed on your Android. The phone Android system may warn for installing this advance application, just allow it.
  8. Once it gets successfully installed, press the Done button to exit the installer.
  9. Close everything useless running on the background of your Android to avoid the Emulator crash at first start.
  10. Go to your phone’s App drawer and tap on PS Vita Emulator icon to launch it.
  11. Done.

That’s how you can install PS Vita Emulator and make it running on the phone. After you start it, you may be asked to allow storage permission and all that stuff so just allow them all and then you will be redirected to the main interface of it. Now, let me show you how to set up and play games with PS Vita Emulator.

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How to Setup PS Vita Emulator and Start Playing Games with Virtual Button?

Setup PS Vita Emulator on Android

The process is going to be very easier than you are thinking right now. We will show you the easiest method to implement PS Vita Control buttons on the games that are currently installed on your phone. So, here are the steps:

  • First, Make sure you have allowed it to access all the permissions. You can check that from Settings>All Applications>PS Vita Emulator>Permissions.
  • After that, launch the PS Emulator from the phone’s app drawer.
  • Once launched, click on the functions and enable all the buttons like Shooting, Reload, etc.
  • Go back and turn on the PS Vita Emulator for all the games.
  • Launch any game for testing and see if the PS Vita bar is appearing on the top. Click on the top to see it’s visible or not.
  • After that, setup buttons as per choice and place them perfectly to match the default game buttons.
  • Save the settings. Now, you can play that game with PS Controller.
  • Done.

So, that’s how you can setup PS Vita Emulator on your Android phone. It’s going to be really interesting because you will see the impact and your performance improvements in the first place. Remember, if your phone heats too much, you can reduce the Game graphics settings using this PS Vita. Adding additional buttons may increase phone heating and degrade performance. This happens mostly on low-end Android phones. So, just Download PS Vita Emulator, use the above guides to install and setup it on your phone to get started.

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    • The app is the same app, that is on playstore, so you can also download it from playstore. Jus search ps vita emulator on playstore and you’ll find it.

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