pubgm Snipper
pubgm Snipper

This is that the million fans of PUBG, the game that gave rise to the fever of the Battle Royale, were not waiting. One of Twitch’s biggest streamers – Shroud – stated during one of their long sessions that PUBG was a real waste of time. These statements came after experiencing 3 consecutive sessions with extreme latency (lag).

I recall that after some time as a professional Counter Strike: Go player. Shroud conquered the Twitch world by becoming one of the best players in PUBG. However, since its competitors such as Fortnite and Apex Legends have been released, the original Battle Royale continues to disappoint…

While these were affirmations in the ‘heat of the moment’ when experiencing a possible server failure, there is no doubt that the repercussions can be quite negative for PUBG. Shroud manages to reach an average of 30,000 followers to view their long game sessions.

Shroud’s claims could hurt PUBG

Moreover, over time, it has so conquered millions of followers that it can easily influence the preferences of those who follow it. Recently, with the surprise arrival of Apex Legends, was one of the streamers chosen by EA / Respawn to advertise their new game.

Moreover, after his claims against PUBG, he wasted no time and quickly moved on to Apex Legends for the rest of the session.

As might be expected, such an event also manages to catch the attention of people who are not in favor of all the mediatism that video games have. Certainly, we’ll see more Twitter posts trying to catch the attention of the younger crowd, citing Shroud – one of the biggest streamers ever – by saying that PUBG is a real waste of time.

Most likely, these negative streamer claims will have even more consequences for PUBG Mobile, which has been targeted in a number of countries. I recall that the game was even banned in several parts of India.

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