PUBG Mobile has a message for you and concerned parents

After starting to face harsh criticism in many countries and see its presence threatened, PUBG Mobile has posted a message to all its players and also to the most worried parents.

With the great popularity of the game, there were also problems of 'addiction' in many of the younger players. In countries like India, there has already been a total ban on gambling after it has already been banned in schools.

Aware of the possible impacts of these measures and concerns on the part of one of the countries where it has become more popular, the Tencent team has already left an official message. In these statements, they try to assure parents more concerned that they will implement new measures to make the entire ecosystem of PUBG Mobile healthier.

PUBG Mobile promises to make its entire ecosystem more responsible and friendly

In the official statement, they appreciate all the support and preference of the players of PUBG Mobile. At the same time, they take a position of responsibility in creating a healthy gaming environment on their platform.

However, I can not imagine what possible measures could be implemented to 'eliminate' these problems. Essentially, parents and educators claim that the younger ones are literally gambling addicts, and the negative results in their lives are already becoming too obvious.

But, I do not think the problem is with PUBG Mobile. After all, it's just a game that is freely available like so many others. On the other hand, Tencent can certainly improve its entire playing environment. When implementing measures aimed at reducing abuse among players.

Finally, the addiction of children/adolescents in video games is nothing new. The problem is that now the ease of access to these games is much greater. Therefore, the risk of addiction has also become much higher, as well as its consequences.

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