topic qled tv vs oled tv 3
topic qled tv vs oled tv 3

QLED TV is better than OLED TV. OLED TV is better than QLED. It depends on how people see it but the truth is that one must be better than the other. Of course, these are two different technologies but one must fit the times we are more than the other.

First, understanding what each stands for makes a lot of differences and it helps shape your preferences. However, in the face of endless excellent reviews for OLED TV, rival TV technology may seem increasingly insistent on sticking to its own technology. That is understandable, for Samsung is wary of mixing stuff in association with LG which makes use of OLED technology.

Consider QLED technology:

It stands for Quantum dot Light Emitting Diode. At the moment, it has a whole lot to do with LED-backlit LCD TVs and it is intended as the next step away from OLED technology.

Many different TV manufacturers at the present moment produce OLED technology but only Samsung makes QLED TVs. The other manufacturers sometimes make use of panels manufactured by LG display.

As Samsung plans, it is hoped that it will ultimately combine the very best picture quality features of OLED and make QLED much better than OLED. At the present time, OLED is known for super-deep blacks, amazing contrasts, superior viewing angles, and other features to provide great quality.

QLED is known to work with quantum dots, tiny semiconductor particles only few nanometers in size, and that’s kind of fading these days as Samsung is looking new ways to thrill fans.

Here are some arguments in favor of QLED technology:

Samsung’s QLED do deliver on the promise of brighter, vibrant colors than OLED. The reliance of QLED on backlight means that there is a compromise. Since backlights of QLED can’t get thin enough, it means an advantage for OLED.

Another factor is price. With 2018 QLEDs premium price is a factor to discourage buyers who are on a budget.

However, in terms of peak brightness, QLED still has a lot of room for improvements here and there, while OLED has reached the peak of its brightness. Also, QLED is more energy effective than OLED.

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