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Many Android smartphone manufacturers have already added the new in-screen fingerprint sensor to their latest flagships. Samsung introduced the world’s first device featuring ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint scanner with improved accuracy. Apple, on the other hand, are yet to abode the new generation of fingerprint sensors within the display.

Well, it seems that would no longer have to wait as Apple and Qualcomm come together to introduce an in-screen fingerprint sensor on the next iPhone, according to reports from industry chain. Apple is currently working on a technology similar to Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic sensor. As like always, Apple is working tirelessly with the Qualcomm to bring the best quality fingerprint reader for the upcoming iPhone.

Ultrasonic in-screen sensors are considered to be faster, safer and work accurately even during wet environments. When compared to optical sensors, ultrasonic sensors can unlock a phone in 250 ms and it has a 1% maximum rejection rate. Optical sensors work up to 300 microns while Qualcomm’s second generation sensors can efficiently work up to 800 microns.

Even with the advancements, ultrasonic sensors feature, it still failed many times when a user tried unlocking the device using a printed 3D fingerprint model. The sensor is vulnerable to unauthenticated unlocking methods as of now. We hope Apple is able to overcome these flaws in the Qualcomm second generation fingerprint sensor before it is implemented in the new iPhone.

The increased demand for better viewing experience is leading to phone makers producing phones with thinner bezels and in-screen fingerprint sensors. According to IHS Markit research report, the within display fingerprint smartphone market will hit 100 million within this year.

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