Qualcomm confirms that the Snapdragon 855 was manufactured in 7nm

Qualcomm is expected to release its high-end 7-nm Snapdragon processor later this year. The processor that is tentatively known as Snapdragon 855 will also introduce the long-awaited 5G technology, but with a trick. Qualcomm will combine its X24 modem (also manufactured in 7nm) but will integrate the 855 with the X50 modem that is manufactured in 10nm and is capable of supporting 5G connectivity. Now, we have more details about this chip, directly from Qualcomm.

Qualcomm confirms that the Snapdragon 855 will be manufactured in 7nm

Qualcomm has officially shared some important details of its upcoming Snapdragon, which we will refer to as Snapdragon 855 for the time being, as we do not know exactly what it’s called. The company is announcing the processor along with the X50 modem, and has chosen to call the pair as a package, which is called; ‘Fusion Platform’.

The company confirms that the Snapdragon 855 will be manufactured with a node of 7 nm. This makes it even more interesting, especially since it will be presented to the A11 Bionic’s successor in September, and Qualcomm will have to face it, with an Apple that has already made great strides with the SoC A11 last year.

Snapdragon 855 will also help introduce the 5G connectivity after it was implemented by the Motorola Z3, a gadget that runs with the Qualcomm X24 but uses a Moto Mod with the X50 to connect to 5G networks. The SoC 855 is expected to offer a similar solution, albeit more compactly.

Qualcomm is having a lot of work, not only on the smartphone front but also in laptops, where they are developing the SoC Snapdragon 1000, which would be used only in laptops.

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