A few years ago we talked about the Galaxy X, a concept of Samsung smartphone that would hit the market with a foldable screen. The device has appeared in some technology fairs, and every year there are rumors about its launch, which are usually followed by new information revealing that Samsung postponed the announcement.

Last year, Samsung’s CEO confirmed that the company would announce a foldable screen smartphone by the end of 2018. However, according to a Qualcomm executive, Salman Saeed, the company’s display technology manager, the technology seen on this smartphone should not reach the market “so soon.”

The reason for this would be that no company today has managed to solve the problem in the flexibility of the screen transceivers and other important display components. While companies can not manufacture such components with flexible skills on a large scale that can withstand the use day today, it is impossible to release a finalized version of the Galaxy Nexus.

Because of this, it is impossible to say with certainty when Samsung intends to announce the Galaxy X in the market in its final version for the consumer and the price that will be charged by it when it finally happens. Because of that, all that is left is to wait for more information from the company, which should occur in the coming months.

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  1. Yes they should not Launch it yet as Qualcomm Exec. said.
    They’ve already released two great Galaxy this year.


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