Qualcomm Will Release Snapdragon 855 Plus The Successor Of SD 855
Qualcomm Will Release Snapdragon 855 Plus The Successor Of SD 855

Qualcomm launched Snapdragon 855 which is a high-end processor made especially for flagship phones. This chipset is included in premium phones like Samsung Galaxy S10 and OnePlus 7 Pro. The company has announced to upgrade its Snapdragon 855 processor to provide a more powerful chipset.

Qualcomm has named the upgraded version of SD 855 as “Snapdragon 855 Plus“. SD 855 Plus is made to support enhanced performance and experience in 5G, gaming, AI and XR. Qualcomm has titled SD 855 Plus as the “best gaming processor”. It will be equipped with an overclocked CPU and GPU to provide enhanced gaming experience. Since its an upgraded version of SD 855, you will not find any big changes but there are few major improvements.

What’s the difference between SD 855 & SD 855 Plus?

The Snapdragon 855 plus will be an 8 core 7nm based chipset which is same as on the standard SD 855 version. But you will find a faster GPU and CPU because of the higher clock speeds. The processor’s eight cores include four efficiency cores, three performance cores and the last one is Prime core which is regarded as the most powerful of all other 7 cores.

The Prime CPU core has been clocked from 2.84GHz(found in the standard SD 855) to 2.96Ghz in SD 855 Plus. Although the GPU i.e. Adreno 640 remains the same in both standard and plus edition, you will get more performance in SD 855 Plus due to a bit higher clock speed of about 600MHz.

Both the standard and the Plus chipset is equipped with the same X24 LTE modem. The company will now prefer SD 855 Plus for 5G chip since it is a bit faster than the standard one. The company is going to integrate the X55 modem with its next-generation processors for LTE and 5G on a single chip. It will save power as well as lower the price of 5G smartphones.

When will SD 855 Plus arrive in the market?

According to the company, we will be able to see the Snapdragon 855 Plus powered smart[hones in the market towards the second half of 2019. As the company has said that it’s a gaming processor, we might see this processor in the upcoming gaming phones like ASUS Rog Phone 2.

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