It is true that when comparing operating systems, there is a frequently used discourse as soon as it is infected. Windows systems are infected with viruses quickly, and macOS and Linux systems do not get infected, and false statements continue to spread on the Internet. If you remember, in one of our guides, we have already told you what to do to clean a pest that is constantly harassing the desktop on a Mac computer. In this article, we will take a look at a topic that will once again confirm that discourses such as viruses are not infected with macOS.

The researchers detected new ransomware, a ransom pest, that showed itself like Little Snitch used in macOS systems and was transmitted through a fake installation package. Note that Little Snitch is a firewall/network monitoring software published by Objective Development Software GMBH for macOS systems.

The harmful, called ThiefQuest, was spotted on RUTracker from Russian torrent sites. Malicious shows himself like the Little Snitch installation file, convinces his victims to install this fake file. When the fake file is installed, it is placed on the system.

The pest’s behavior is also remarkable. This new ransom pest, targeting Mac systems, differs from other pests by some features. Just as it does not activate immediately after it enters the system and does encryption later.


According to other findings, the researchers also found that not only is harmful only ransom thiefquest called spyware software and also saw duty as host additional features to get the information said.

Usually, Mac computers appeal to professional users, and nowadays it is preferred because attackers have attempted to produce more harmful software for these systems compared to the past.

Today, while pirates are writing harmful software, they now perform these kinds of actions for purposes such as encrypting files and asking for ransom or data theft rather than damaging the system. Likewise, they pay attention to adjust their target groups accordingly.

Our advice is to install appropriate security software to protect your Mac computers from attacks and malware. We also recommend using backup solutions to avoid data loss.

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