Razer Phone 3 will be made and will arrive later this year, according to DigiTimes


Razer Phone 3 could arrive later this year: new rumors coming from DigiTimes deny the previous ones that supported otherwise. The Taipei newspaper does not elaborate much: it cites an anonymous source of the sector, it is not clear whether it is internal to the company or deriving from some supplier, and then observes that, although it is a niche market, it is becoming increasingly crowded. Xiaomi has just released Black Shark 2I live her IQOO, and Nintendo also seems interested in joining the fray.

Razer, on the other hand, had issued "confirmation" statements to the rumors circulated by Droid-Life, which however had not completely clarified the situation. The company had said that yes, the mobile division was undergoing a reorganization to optimize profits, that it had fired around 30 people and that it had abandoned projects, but never expressed itself about the fate of a possible new smartphone.

DigiTimes has a pretty good reputation in the industry, so it's worth keeping in mind what it says. The original Razer Phone brought a breath of fresh air into the world of smartphones, but the competition, as we said, did not stay so long to watch, and the Razer Phone 2 knew more than "1S". We hope for a new model that is able to keep the bar high.

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