If you are experiencing issues running Realm Royale on your PC, we have got you covered. Since the game was just recently released on steam, it is likely that the developers are working hard to fix optimizations and as such, it is sure to get better with time.

For now, however, there are a few adjustments which you can make in the graphics settings which you can use to achieve a higher FPS and overcome lagging. Unfortunately, when you reduce the graphics settings, you might end up getting a lower quality looking game.

Realm Royale Best Settings for Graphics, Lag, and FPS

Before we proceed on to the guide, you can access the graphics settings from the main menu of the game. Select ‘Options’ and then go to the Video tab (it is the first tab).

Graphics options in Realm Royale

We’ll work our way down. Remember, as the game progresses with updates, it’s very likely that more optimizations will come.

  • Resolution: To begin, you can set the game resolution to your computer resolution. This, most likely, should be (1920 x 1080). If you are still experiencing lag after editing the rest of the settings, you should try lowering the resolution by 1 volume.
  • Screen Type: For best performance, you should set the screen type to full screen.
  • Anti-aliasing: You should start with the lowest option available and with time you can tweak it.
  • Vertical Sync: V-Sync prevents screen tearing, capping your FPS at 60. Try experimenting with this option yourself. Begin by turning V-sync off and then see how it goes.
  • Details: The final options are World Detail, Shadow Detail, Texture Detail, Particle Detail and Shader Quality. Try setting this option to the lowest to see how it works.

If you are still experiencing lags after following the guide above, you should try looking into your actual computer. Try upgrading the GPU, CPU, and RAM of your computer. You should also check for tasks which might be running in the background using up your resources. This could be a live stream or similar.


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