Xiaomi Redmi S2 unboxing Android Oreo Google 4
Xiaomi Redmi S2 unboxing Android Oreo Google 4

The Xiaomi Redmi smartphones are the equipment of the Chinese company that sells the most. Although the top of the range of Xiaomi are the ones that draw more attention, it is the Redmi that carry the name of Xiaomi around the world.

So, after Xiaomi announced that “Redmi” will be its own brand, what can we expect?

Since the Redmi range was dedicated to intermediate and entry smartphones, I believe that this will continue. At least for a while. Xiaomi is raising its brand name to the high end. At least that’s my conclusion after seeing this “separation”.

That is, by taking the “Redmi” smartphones from Xiaomi’s portfolio, the Chinese company only introduces us to high-end mid-range smartphones. So we do not expect to see more “Xiaomi” in the entry segment. That’s where the Redmi brand comes in.

Smartphones will continue to be manufactured by Xiaomi

In creating this sub-brand Redmi, many brand lovers wonder what will change in concrete. Basically nothing. That is, the creation of this sub-brand only introduces more resources and minds to the dissemination and growth of the name “Redmi”.

That way, smartphones will continue to be built by Xiaomi and will certainly continue to carry the name and logo of the brand with them.

There is no shortage of successful sub-brands in the market

The creation of sub-brands is nothing new. With this ideology, the sub-brand ceases to be totally independent of the “mother brand” and is more likely to grow.

Take the example of Honor (Huawei sub-brand), Nubia (sub-brand of ZTE), OnePlus (OPPO sub-brand) or even Pocophone (Xiaomi sub-brand). Being an independent brand, they can work more accurately for their target audience without thinking much about what the next step will be.

Internal competition will also be a greater gift. The best example I can give is Honor 10 and Huawei P20. Both with the same specifications and identical features. But with a totally different price. Internal competition only makes the brand gain more value at the end of the day and grow even more.

What will Redmi do to grow in a competitive market?

This is where Redmi has the ability to surprise. They will be free to create what they think is best for their target audience. At first, I do not think that they present high-end smartphones, however, I believe that the quality of smartphones will increase with this “separation.”

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