Reducing price of UMi Iron Pro, it’s $149.99 now

UMi Iron Pro price reduced

UMi Iron Pro was released almost a month ago, and it has already become one of UMi most famous devices. This smartphone incorporates interesting features such as an Octa-Core Processor, 3GB RAM, a 13-megapixel Sony sensor, 3 types of biometric security including one-step fingerprint authentication, or USB Type-C connection.

After the “Pay as you wish” campaign for international journalists, this campaign allows journalists to test this amazing phone and pay whatever they want for it. We reduce the price of IRON PRO according to journalists’s price.

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Reading reviews of journalists for giving you 100 reasons why you shall buy UMi Iron Pro. And UMi has made a series of videos showing every feature present in this device, so users can see what it is capable of. The videos can be found on UMi Community, and also at UMi Mobile Youtube Channel. These series include a lot of videos including a full review, or explanations about its main features.

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This smartphone offers high-end features such as one-step fingerprint ID, voice unlock, eyeprint authentication or Type-C USB connection at a midrange price. Nevertheless, UMi Iron Pro is not just an innovative device but is also extremely powerful. This device incorporates a MediaTek MTK 6753 processor, 3 GB RAM and a Full HD screen, making it an excellent device in every aspect.

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As mentioned above, UMi Iron Pro offers high-end features; nevertheless, it has a very attractive price, since it can be purchased for only $179.99. However, UMi and some of the most important worldwide online stores have started a new year resolutions promotion, so users can buy this device with a $30 discount, this is, $149.99. Limitied offer everyday. Moreover, users can also pay the normal $179.99 price for this device, and, in that case, they will get free gift. Limited time is from 12.28.2015 to 12.31.2015.

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