Regarding Privacy, Google Temporarily Stops Xiaomi Camera Integration with Nest Hub

In an increasingly modern era, all electronic equipment or even home appliances are increasingly advanced. Especially now that technology manufacturers are competing to introduce their products called smart home.

In the smart home, there are various technology products including smart lights, smart cameras for the home, and many more related to home appliances that have been integrated with technology. But behind the sophistication of these products, save one very worrying problem, namely PRIVACY. As happened recently with Google Nest Hub and Xiaomi Mijia smart security cameras as reported by XDA-Developer (03/01/2020).

This happened to a Redditor u / Dio-V who has a Google Nest Hub and a number of Xiaomi cameras around his house. When asking Google Assistant to display one of the cameras he instead found a camera image from someone else’s house, in the picture showing a sleeping baby and an old man sleeping in a chair.

This image is sourced from: / u / Dio-V posted on / r / Xiaomi

The attached picture shows a picture nuanced black like watching a horror movie. Of course, this is very worrying especially that it can be misused.

To prevent this from happening, Google reportedly stopped supporting Google Assistant’s integration of Xiaomi’s smart home products including Lights, cameras and many other Smart home products under the ownership of Xiaomi Mijia.

The XDA-Developer team also conducted a trial using Xiaomi smart lights through Google Home Mini and the Google Home application, as a result they failed to connect between the devices, this shows that integration has been effectively shut down.

Reported by from the Android Authority page, a Google spokesman said that they “knew about this problem and contacted Xiaomi to fix it. In the meantime, we disabled Xiaomi integration on our device. “

Until we load this news, we are still waiting for further information to ensure that this problem has been resolved. (viasource )

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