MediaTek 5G chipset
MediaTek 5G chipset

Chinese processor manufacturer MediaTek made some changes to its 2020 5G shipments projections earlier this year and the company set its expected shipments for the year to 200 million. In the following months, the company has launched a couple of 5G chipsets such as the Dimensity 800 and 600 series. Thanks to a new report DigiTimes, we now have a clearer idea of how the company is able to pull this off.

According to the report, MediaTek currently has plans to launch a new 5G mobile SoC series that will power phones at the entry-level. The report also claimed that the company will commence the launch later this month thanks to information gotten from industry sources. Given half of the month is already gone, it means we might be less than 15 days away from the launch. That, of course, is if the information turns out to be true.

If this is true and MediaTek introduces a new series, especially for entry-level smartphones, then this will definitely make the company’s formidable 5G mobile chipset offering for smartphones even stronger. 5G chipsets already launched by the company include the Dimensity 1000L, 1000, 800, 820. We also expect MediaTek to launch the mid-range Dimensity 600 series which according to reports is already raking in huge orders even before it is launched.

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