Snap Inc., the Snapchat company have been busy making new innovations lately. Headline-making innovations by the way. Great improvement such as THIS and now this is a sign that the company is having a very busy month. Although these are the only two we know about, some other things could be in the bag!

Information being made available at the moment is that Snapchat’s next product could be a smartphone, an Android smartphone.

Marketing firm Mediakix has unveiled a concept device that could possibly be Snapchat’s next project. The supposed device is/will be equipped with a 360-degree camera, buttons that let users scroll through filters and a one touch capture function for easy sharing.


“Snap went on a hiring spree for employees in hardware engineering, telecommunications and manufacturing logistics starting in August of 2016. These included electrical, mechanical, prototype, hardware, interactive, RF/antenna, and NPI (New Product Introduction) engineers as well as CMF (colour, metal, finish) designers, industrial designers, and mobile services specialists. Of the 36 new hires since August of 2016, 16 have previous experience from Motorola, seven from Apple, six from Google, three from HTC, and one each from Verizon and Nokia”, the report from Mediakik states.

The device (rumoured device actually) might include a lock screen. On the lock screen, users can easily swipe for Snapchat notifications and updates and messages. You can as well sync the device with Snap Inc’s other major product, the ‘Snap Spectacles’. The device may sport a unique “Discover screen”. The Discover screen will combines functionalities like GPS and Maps, Snapchat Stories, and advertisements.

In other news, Snap Inc is planning to compete with other tech giants Facebook and Twitter in its next move. Google is also inclusive. The company plans to leverage it’s marquee product (Snapchat), use it in generating revenue from advertising and raise up to $3 billion from its upcoming IPO. Yeah, that’s how Snapchat plans to go toe-to-toe with the giants. Let’s see how that plays out.

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