The rumor mill in the mobile space never seems to stop grinding as every day we get leaks and new information from named sources to undisclosed ones about the latest features that could don the next flagship of our beloved smartphones brands.

Today reports out, are rehashing that which has been floating the technology space for quite a while now, which is that Samsung might be removing the iris scanner from the Samsung Galaxy S10. The company is said to be staying away from the iris scanner technology and would make use of the fingerprint scanner as its major biometric security measure, this report was made available by a Korean media outlet that quoted media experts.

The rumors about Samsung discarding the iris scanner have been in the news since the start of the year and with two independent sources confirming it, it seems that it might have credence. It seems the idea would enable the company to implement a thinner bezel design or 3D Face-scanning technology.

ET news has suggested that the upcoming versions of the Galaxy series which is the galaxy S10 trio would feature under the display fingerprint scanner which would make use of an ultrasound sensor developed by Qualcomm instead of the Synaptics optic sensor which is used by Vivo and Oppo.

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Samsung has seen a series of release through the course of the year, the company is one of the major smartphone companies in the world and is known for delivering high-end phones with great design quality and sleekness. Although they have faced a bit of controversy of the years with the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note, they have done very well to reposition themselves in the smartphone marketplace.

We can only hope that the Samsung Galaxy S10 would better its predecessors which have all been stellar mobile phones.


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