FIFA 19 Ultimate Team
FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

The crowded stadium, the cheering fans, and a great football atmosphere: this is how FIFA 19 begins, with a Champions League final that not only allows you to enjoy one of the most substantial new features of the game but which immediately makes clear the centrality of the game. of the European competition. In FIFA 19 almost everything revolves around the most coveted trophy in Europe, from the now final chapter of Alex Hunter’s journey to the renewed kick-off mode.

Question of timing

The Champions League, however, is the facade, the face of a chapter that under the hood still hides important news in terms of gameplay. The first is the Active Touch System, which allows the player to receive and control the ball much more naturally and in line with his position, his build and his real abilities. All of this obviously translates into a new set of animations that will make the gaming experience even more spectacular and engaging. In fact, you can admire the athletes as they raise the ball with their knees or harpoon the ball to then change direction and aim the door. The Clashes 50/50 are more intense, head to head that are now convincing and in line with the characteristics of the individual player.

It is impossible not to mention the time Finalis. What are they? Basically, just press the button associated with the shot twice to score a conclusion much more precise and lethal than usual. An additional tool at the service of gamers around the world, but requires a lot of practice before being properly mastered.

Finally, we arrive at the Dynamic Tactics, a system that allows enthusiasts to customize every single maneuver and to change the strategy in the race. Even here, however, the previous rule applies: practice. Study thoroughly all the available items, try them and above all not exaggerate: just a couple of changes too much to unbalance the team completely and go to a defeat.

The new rules of the house

Electronic Arts has finally decided to renew the traditional kick-start by proposing new rules CuThree for the price of onestomize, aiming to give a little ‘zing clashes 1 on 1.

There are 5 options that yes, at the beginning could make the purists turn up their noses, but that actually turned out to be really fun. With Tiri from outside the goals scored from outside the penalty area are worth double, in Headshots and shots on the fly are worth only the goals scored with these two modes, while Nothing rules effectively eliminates all the most “boring” laws “Football: fouls, cards and offside. Finally, let’s not forget the first to … , where you can set the number of nets (1 to 3) necessary to win the game, and the crazy Survival, which will eliminate one of your players every time you inflate the net.

The only real limit of this brilliant find is represented by Artificial Intelligence. In fact, AI tends to be too perfect and too correct compared to a gamer in the flesh. My advice then is to reserve the Custom Rules for challenges with friends.

Three for the price of one

Next to Calcio d’Inizio, however, we find many other modes such as Career, Tournaments, and Skills, but also everything that revolves around the multiplayer sector like the Seasons, the Pro Club and the Friendlies. Back then the now famous Alex Hunter, protagonist of the third chapter of Il Viaggio.

Our English champion is struggling – to say it – with the Champions League and with all that his fame has brought with him: the creation of a brand, the difficult management of interpersonal relationships and an agent who wants to make him an icon at the expense of everything else. But Alex is not alone. The Story mode of FIFA 19, in fact, allows us to also play Kim Hunter, sister of the Real Madrid player and the promise of women’s football; then there is Danny Williams, who fights for success and for the renewal of the contract with Arsenal.

Three different stories that try to give fans a complete picture of this sport, with its lights, its shadows, the joys and the difficulties that almost all athletes touch.

FIFA Ultimate Team: the game in the game

FIFA Ultimate Team is the game in the game, able to attract new and old players thanks to the possibility to create their own pink and to challenge teams from all over the world.

The novelty of this edition is represented by the Division Rivals, a series of weekly competitions against opponents of the same category. The goal is to accumulate points and participate in the ambitious FUT Champions Weekend League, which promises tasty prizes.

FUT then proposes the Squad Battles, the Pink Creation Challenges and the now inevitable Draft, so you can create a team composed of the best athletes of all time.

FIFA 19: football for everyone

FIFA 19 is a huge container, able to host a truly impressive amount of content every year. This diversity, combined with the incredible realism guaranteed by Frostbite, allows any type of player to approach the saga because – it is appropriate to repeat it – there is something for everyone. FIFA Ultimate Team lovers can rediscover this incredible mix between a sports game, a management game and a card title, while for the fanatics of the narrative there is the always satisfying Journey, flanked by that kick-off that will undoubtedly animate your evenings with friends. In short, there is plenty of choices and so much to do to keep you really busy for a whole year.

Of course, there is always something to file, refine or correct (the physics of the ball, for example, can still improve), but in the end, EA Vancouver did an excellent job.



  • An incredible variety of contents
  • The Champions League is well exploited
  • Convincing gameplay
  • Ultimate Team unmissable


  • To improve the physics of the ball

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