Ricoh Portable Printer can print text, images, & QR by sliding it on paper


A new handy printer has been announced by Ricoh, a Japanese printer, imaging, and electronics company. The printer comes with a fantastic feature which lets you print anything from a text to a QR by simply sliding it on a paper. The printer defies the old system which requires you to feed papers into the printer as it can easily print whatever by simply placing over the surface you want it to be printed on.

This amazing printer weighs just 315g, and as such, it is more convenient and portable than other printers. You can use the printer to print on different types of paper including labels, envelopes, postcards; and clothes, shoes, cardboard, and many other objects. Unlike other printers, the printer can print QR codes, illustrations, and images and it does this effectively in no time.

Ricoh Handy Printer makes use of water-resistant ink, and its mechanism helps to dry the wet ink quickly. The printer's resolution is 600 x 600 dpi resolution. You can use the printer continuously for two hours.

The printer has an official mobile app which makes printing even easier. You can use the app to input text and adjust other settings before printing. The printer has two printing modes, and they include Scroll mode and Slide mode. The scroll mode is used for small scale printing such as text, barcodes, and QR codes while the slide mode is used to print images which involves machine movement in different directions.

Ricoh Handy printer comes with so many features that make it more useful and easy to use. While printing, you can easily position the printer using the side clip. It is just the perfect portable printer thanks to it's easy to ink replacement and strap hole.

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The printer comes in the color variants: White, Gray, and Dark Red. The printer will be available on sale on April 17, and it will cost $128.

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