RIP Google+: In April says goodbye to the social network that never was


Google Plus was launched in 2011 in a bid for Google to unify all its services. However, their functions and interface were not enough to attract users.

With aggressive competition from the Facebook giant or even Twitter, Google Plus fell into irrelevance in no time. It seems the time has come to end everything.

After more than half a million users had their data compromised in a security scandal, Google announced at the end of 2018 that it would end their social network.

All content on the platform will be deleted as of April 2

According to Digitaltrends, Google said that after April 2, all content on the social network will be completely erased. Firstly, personal account content, as well as photos and videos that are archived in Google Plus.

However, Google points out that users can download a file that contains all of their information. This elimination will surely take a few months. However, some content will remain visible to users of the G Suite platform.

Secondly, Google will remove the ability to create profiles, pages or communities from the beginning of February. Plus, you'll see Google+ login buttons disappear across multiple sites.

As a justification for ending the social network, Google used the biggest possible factor: inactivity. The Mountain View company said that user interaction was extremely low. About 90% of those who signed into Google Plus did not stay for more than five seconds.

In short, none of this surprises us. With options like Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram, Google Plus has never been an attractive social network. All these years supporting a quasi-inactive website was a waste of resources. Hopefully, Google will now use these same features to improve its existing services.

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