Acclaimed as the best Creative Assembly game to date, Rome: Total War debuted for the first time in 2004 for PC. However, it will soon arrive on the Android platform and the Google Play Store, sometime during the winter.

First, Rome: Total War is a real-time strategy game. Its action is divided into shifts (semiannual, annual or quarterly) with a campaign map as well as battles/action on the ground.

Secondly, as its name indicates the action centers on the Ancient Rome, in the classic period, without neglecting the historical rigor. Something that becomes evident in the second version of this computer game, released in September 201 3.

Nevertheless and although still continue to receive DLC’s like Rise of the Republic, the second chapter was not as acclaimed as the first one. That’s why it’s natural that we see Feral Interactive looking at the first “Rome”.

Rome: Total War, coming soon on the Google Play Store for Android

Thirdly, it should be noted that this studio – Feral Interactive – made Rome: Total War available for Mac in 2010. Moreover, it would even provide a version of this game for iOS mobile devices in 2016. Now, it will be this same company to make available the highly acclaimed title for Android mobile devices. Therefore, we expect the game to arrive in the Google Play Store this winter.

It is worth mentioning that the iOS version of the game costs the equivalent of 9.99 dollars so the Android version may follow this reference. Still, if the execution is worthy of the game they want to bring to the Google Play Store, it would gladly pay.

However, the biggest challenge will be to adapt the controls to mobile devices and touchscreens. How can we command dozens of units (micromanagement) in real time during epic battles?

Hopefully to see, after all, this is my favorite game, surpassing even the AOEII.


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