Root Android 2019
Root Android 2019

Root or non-root, this is the question. Android is an operating system that allows us to change many of its features quickly and easily, helping us with the huge amount of customization applications we can find on Google Play.

The root of our smartphone can open up a new world of possibilities, accessing the most hidden corners of the Google operating system. However, we believe that a question is needed, at this point is it worth rooting a smartphone in 2019?

What can root users do?

Android is an operating system that, fortunately, is very customizable. We can find many applications that allow us to modify many aspects of our device, so we can configure it to our liking. From those aimed at the aesthetic aspect of the interface, such as launchers and icon packs, to those that allow us to delve into the functions of our smartphone.

How to root an Android phone

However, being a root user is another story. When we become “superuser” we have a much deeper control over the operation of the terminal. We can customize any aspect of our smartphone, from ROM to navigation buttons, through the notification bar and even the animation of the ignition.

Not everything is based on visual aspects, of course, we will also have access to applications that allow us to uninstall bloatware, such as Titanium Backup, or create all kinds of gestures to move at will, like GMD GestureControl. The possibilities are many and very different.

Is it worth rooting today?

Is it worth rooting a smartphone today? If I ask myself this question, the first answer that comes to mind is no, and I will explain the reasons. They are based on two specific premises: first, we currently have much more freedom than a few years ago, secondly, the game (maybe) is not worth the candle.

Every day we have more options without the need to run the root

A few years ago we could not even see the battery percentage in the notification bar, today anyone can do it. Some time ago it was very useful to change the ROM on some smartphones whose installed software was completely unusable, nowadays even the cheapest devices work well.

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What do I mean by this? There is no doubt that during the early years of Android’s history it was very useful to get root access, but since then the Google operating system has advanced a lot and also the levels of customization of different manufacturers. With each new update, we have better options and features like OnePlus, with OxygenOS, we find a luxurious user interface and are highly customizable. We can have much more control over our device without complicating our lives.

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Is it necessary to take the risk?

Taking into account what was mentioned in the previous section, is it worth taking the risk? You have to keep in mind that, although it is not a very complicated process, if we want to root our device we will have to change some parameters that could put at risk the integrity of our mobile phone if they are not executed correctly. Moreover, and for me, it is one of the most important points, the root means to instantly lose the guarantee of the device.

Any software problem that arises after the process has been caused by “superuser” permissions, no manufacturer will consider repairing the phone under warranty. Taking into account that the possibilities offered by the root are not as different and spectacular as some years ago. More or less …

Conclusions: the moment has passed

If I had written these lines 6 years ago, I would have had no doubt about the answer. I would have said, “run the root of your Android device and customize everything you can customize”. However, the Mountain View operating system is today infinitely better than it used to be. Android 9.0 Pie will make a difference.

Therefore, and by balancing what we can win against what we can lose, I don’t think it’s worth rooting at this point. But if what you like is to change the ROM of your smartphone every two minutes and try new things, why not keep doing it?

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