rules of survival ros pc 1
rules of survival ros pc 1

Rules of Survival is a groundbreaking game from the famous NetEase Games, where this game first appeared that surprised many people with many attractive elements, as well as being able to play on all platforms and beyond mobile Now ROS PC is extremely HOT.

Also, it came before the official PUBG Mobile version of Tencent Studio, one in thePlayerUnknown Battlegrounds called PUBG… But because it was a step ahead, NetEase brought this Game to the Gamers Community and knew What gamers love, so after only a few months, it has more than 100 million participants.

Rules of Survival: Survival law is available on PC/computer

Download the rules of survival pc to kill the enemy with your friends

The game has 3 main servers currently North America, Asia, Europe. Each private server will help gamers in that area can play smoothly to play at a fairly stable Ping level. In addition, because it is also supported by the publisher VNG, players can freely play in the game without worrying about the lagging game, or the mistake of being handled by VNG (VinaGame).

How to download Rules of Survival for PC/Windows computers

Play ROS on a computer to experience the feeling of survival

Configure playing Rules of Survival

  • To play smooth, less lag, the best graphics, you should use Windows 10 computers, and below is the appropriate configuration for this game.
  • OS: 64-Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 – 4340 / AMD FX-6300
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2 GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection


  • OS: 64 bit Windows (if win 7 32bit errors, because of no support)
  • Processor: ADM Ryzen 5-1600 / Intel Core i5 -7600K
  • Memory 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1600 6GB or higher.
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection
  • In addition, the current laptop, laptop Asus, Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo … configuration RAM 4GB, Core i3, 3.0 GHz or more can play this game well

To download this game is very simple. Just click on the link below or go to the homepage and then click on Tre the PC Version to download the Rules of Survival immediately.

Download : [ Rules of Survival.Exe ]

Good features in Rules of Survival

The features in ROS are not too many, but it is enough for players to find what they need and not too complicated, so even new players can enter the experience without bothering anything. Therefore, for players who participate in this online survival game, it is highly appreciated, as well as the features are divided into different categories.

1) Shop

The Store feature is very useful for users who like to make their characters more prominent, in which you can use gold or diamonds to buy lucky gift boxes to open items or you can buy them directly. The characters for the character or for the gun, the car … Note that these things are just beautiful, not making the characters play stronger.

2) Rankings

The charting feature here is useful for users who want to access the Rankings to see where their qualifications are compared to others. So, users will see which score is the highest score at any time and in addition, it will detail the information of the match win/lose, the number of solo, Duo, Squad …

3) Voice chat

The chat feature here means that users will be able to watch Chat, Voice chat is for users to chat there and users will chat quickly – Especially in team battle mode, the group will Be Talking like this will interact faster in near-dangerous seconds.

4) Feature friends

Friends are places where users can see their friends and can play together and can complete tasks with friends when playing Rules of Survival for PC, as well as interacting in battles at everywhere.

Experience the first view in ROS on PC

5. Weather effects

In this game, now you will experience a lot of new things that few games have that are the 4-season weather effect system, in which, randomly when you join the match you will meet This: Winter, spring, summer, and autumn or fog.

This Battle Royale game is now available for iOS and Android, but most people can now play it on a Windows PC (not yet available for MAC OS). Here, players are sent to an island and fight each other (solo) or Squad (team). Weapons and other items (HP, helmets, jackets, ammunition, visors, etc.) can be found in scattered buildings throughout the map. The popular highlight and choice of this game are that it supports many different languages and the server supports almost everywhere.

This game is divided into 3 types of game modes:

1. Solo mode

With this mode, 120 players will be taken to the waiting room before flying. There is a countdown of about 1 minute, and after 1-minute Players will board the plane to enter the battle. And just turn on the map and you can direct the direction that the plane will arrive, and at the same time you can check to choose the best place for you to parachute.

2. Duo mode

Just like Solo, but Duo has 2 players, which means you can now have one more teammate and both will support each other in battle, besides, both can help. each other when injured, as well as if there are 2 people, you will be easier to handle the situation, as well as having an assistant, informing the enemy faster.

3. Squad

Download the latest VNG game rules of survival game, the No.1 survival game today

In this mode, you will play with a team of 4 people, there will be a big challenge for you when now you will be the one who needs to support each other with 3 others, but SQUAD is very happy, because the team is tossing around in every terrain, together hunting the enemy in all directions without being too worried, but when playing this mode, each person needs to use the Micro to talk of Voice chat to be able to Fight, handle good situations.

How to play Rules of Survival on a PC with a simulator

ROS will be one of the best games in 2018. In essence, it is the free version of Playerunknown Battlegrounds on your phone.

However, the problem with it is that if you play on the phone, using the controls is quite difficult when playing on the touchscreen. If you want to play it, you should try the game on BlueStacks on your computer.

Taking and using BlueStacks controls takes a bit of time, so have this guide to help you join the game faster.

1. Download BlueStacks and Rules of Survival

Before you start acting, make sure you have the latest BlueStacks version installed. Survival rules are a demanding game, so it’s important that you have the latest BlueStacks updates. You can find out more about updating BlueStacks here.

If you have not installed the emulator on your PC, you can download Bluestack 3N here.

Then open up and click on the CH Play icon on the screen and then install the game

2. How to install the control on the PC emulator

The use of controls in ROS on BlueStacks will take some time. To get started, you should click the small ‘eye’ icon at the bottom of the screen to reduce the blur.

If you forget how to manipulate, such as opening a door or loot, you can use the following keyboard buttons installed below.

Because BlueStacks already has support for setting the keyboard button so you can use your left click to help you manipulate, you must click the right mouse button to change the control mode to ‘aiming’ mode. You can right-click again at any time to return to the mouse display mode. When you have clicked the right mouse button, you will move the mouse around the screen.

Also if you can see that the sensitivity is too high when playing. It can be easily changed by left-clicking on the settings icon at the top left while in Rules of Survival. Remember to right click to exit the first aim mode!

Change the sensitivity for the game of survival simulator game

In settings, click ‘active’ and then change the vertical and horizontal sensitivity options to your desired level. You can also turn off the support goal here if you find it easier to target without locking the target when shooting.

Quick tip: While controls, sometimes another application or combo button you press may cause the control mouse to appear outside the game. If this happens, simply right-click to display the cursor and then right-click again to return to the in-game targeting mode.

How to control the key

  • Movement – W, A, S, D
  • Open/Interactive – F
  • Rotate Camera – Hold Q + Move Mouse
  • Jump – Spacebar
  • Sitting – C
  • Located – Z
  • Primary weapons – 1, 2
  • Extra weapons – 3
  • Use the Med – 6 item
  • Activate Car Booster – E
  • Open the map – M
  • Drive in the car – L
  • Car ride – J

Change the default KeyMapping

Change the joystick on the PC

If you want to change your keybindings, you can do so by clicking the keyboard icon at the bottom of the BlueStacks user interface.

You are free to change all the fee buttons on this page. Just keep in mind that all keybinds should be unique.

And note that the default controls work pretty well, but over time, you may find you like different controls on different keybinds.

If you see an error or you want to go back to the default, you can click ‘restore/restore’ to return to the default control again.
Gun types in ROS game

There are currently  17 weapons in the Survival Rule. We have divided all 17 weapons into  4 different levels. You will be able to know whether you should drop weapons for other weapons if the weapon you find is at a higher level.

Guns and weapons in the latest ROS game

1st Class Weapons

Let’s start with the best. These are the most powerful and rare things today in this ROS (Survival Law) game.

Currently, the list of level 1 weapons includes all rifles and sniper rifles. In general, ranged weapons are only useful at the beginning of the game, so it’s best to swap handguns and SMGs for a ranged weapon like in Backpack 1.

  • 1. Assault rifle – M14EB: The perfect blend of sniper rifles and assault rifles. It is accurate and accelerates faster than all snipers, so it’s good to choose it
  • 2. Attack Gun – M249: If you like to play guns easily, then M249 is your weapon. It is only found in the supply tank (Airdrop), but it has 100 bullets on each magazine and can kill players quickly, especially at close range.
  • Sniper – Barrett: Barrett is the most dangerous sniper gun in the game. A hit will kill players and can only be found in hearing boxes. If you see this weapon, it should be used immediately, but it needs more Scope X6, X8 and it’s quite heavy to move.
  • Sniper – AS VAL: Located in the sniper rifle group, AS VAL is considered a weapon for mid-range powers. It has a fast firing speed and 20 rounds/magazine. It is also only available in Airdrop

2nd Class Weapons

There are some great weapons you choose including:

  • Assault rifle – AR15: AR15 is a very stable assault rifle and fast firing speed. If you’re lucky enough to find the right accessory, you can turn it into the most dangerous AR gun. However, its damage is lower than other assault rifles.
  • Assault rifle – M4A1: M4A1 is basically a pretty much-chosen gun in the game. It has moderate stability and moderate damage. It has some accessories included, which makes it a potential monster if you can find the right equipment.
  • Shotgun – AA12: A fully automatic pistol that can shoot through players at close range. It is a great weapon for players.
  • Sniper – AWM: A rare item found outside Airdrop. Unfortunately, AWM damage is very poor. And if at long range makes it a worthwhile choice despite low damage.
  • Sniper – SVD: Basically it’s like AWM – it’s another kind of sniper gun that can be found in buildings. It has low damage for a sniper but the long-range makes it a better option than most other weapons.
  • SMG – Thompson: Most SMGs are not so good, but Thompson’s crazy shooting speed makes it horrible at close range. At long range, Thompson was once again useless.

Weapon Class 3

Tier 3 includes weapons you may have to use if you find them, but you should remove them as soon as you find a better type.

Assault rifle – AKM: Of all the assault rifles, AKM deals the most damage. The problem is, AKM stability is quite low, because of the high recoil, so trying to target this is almost impossible, making it a terrible choice, especially at the range contemplate.

Shotgun – M870: Although slow and only effective in close proximity. It is not worth choosing when the slow firing speed and the limited range make it quite useless later in the game.

Melee weapons

You should not use melee weapons if you have a real gun. If you can, look for rubber chicken because this weapon can give you faster speed.

Besides, all melee weapons seem to have equal damage. Below is an overview of available melee weapons:

  1. Rubber chicken
  2. Pan
  3. Crowbar

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