Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer
Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer

The Xiaomi Mi 9 continues to generate news this week. A few days ago the first specifications of the phone were filtered. Shortly after, the CEO of the company shared the first photos of it. In addition, it has been confirmed that its international presentation will take place at MWC 2019. One piece of information that generated interest was the price that the high-end range would have. A price that has leaked already.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Price?

A price that is going to be higher than we originally thought. Something that surely will not impress many users.

It will be priced in China at 3499 yuan. A price that at the change is about 460 euros. But, we know that the price of the Xiaomi Mi 9 in its launch in Europe will be greater than simply the one obtained in the conversion. The price of the last year model was 380 euros to change but was launched for 499 euros.

Therefore, it is expected that the price of this device will be higher. Some sites already point to a price of 599 euros. So it would be the most expensive model within the high range of the Chinese brand. A price increase on the part of Xiaomi.

But it is not certain that the Xiaomi Mi 9 will have this price when it is launched. Probably during the MWC 2019, we will have some more clarity in this regard and reveals what will be the price of the sale of the high range.

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