Rwatch R11s 758x461
Rwatch R11s 758x461

Smartwatches have always been characterized by a sporty appearance and design. No wonder, most of them are mainly focused on people who love exercise and “fitness”. However, today there are those who also enjoy all the advantages of these weareables at every moment of the day, to the point of being routine to carry one with them. That is why certain manufacturers seek to change a little and give them a more sophisticated and elegant appearance, according to the busy business men and women. If there is one that fulfills this and in a spectacular way is RWATCH, a brand that has a line of smartwatches with luxury designs that resemble quartz watches.Today we present your new improved model which has been called RWATCH R11S.

RWATCH R11S: Design

This smart watch is designed according to state-of-the-art engineering and has been embedded with eight crystals to be a picturesque choice for both women and an elegant one for men. Its body is made of stainless steel alloy and has the circular shape of most devices of this style. It also has a strap made of genuine leather that further enhances its luxurious appearance, which will match with any business person.

The dial has a diameter of 4cm, the rest of its measures being the following: 5.1 x 1.05cm; this last corresponds to your thickness, so being so thin will be very comfortable to wear. Meanwhile, the straps have a total length of 24.2cm, which can be adjusted to the wrist between 18 and 22.5cm; besides its width does not exceed 1.8cm. Now, if we talk about the clock in general, its full dimensions are 24.2 x 4 x 1.05cm.

No matter how you look at it, for being so beautiful, you may even forget that it is a smartwatch. In addition, the lightness and comfort when using it will have no comparison since its straps are very comfortable and durable. Just compare them with the silicone straps and you will find that these are more suitable for you. And for greater variety, it is available in two colors: a very elegant and classic gold or luxurious and discreet black.

In addition to its indisputable beauty, it also comes with great resistance to having an IP67 certificate. This gives it impermeability and resistance to dust. You can use it for any daily activity that includes water : exercise and sweating, washing your hands and face, you can even use it to walk in a light rain. Professional protection so you can enjoy your intelligent life!

RWATCH R11S: Screen

Its screen is quite wide to have a size of 1.22 inches. That’s not all, it has a curved 2.5D glass and it’s an IPS IPS type so it’s touch-friendly and easy to use. Everything you will see in it will be up to your expectations thanks to a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. Also, you should not worry about your lighting in dark places, you should only raise the wrist and the light will be made. This saves time turning on your mobile phone to find out the time.

RWATCH R11S: Hardware and connectivity

It is equipped with an advanced MTK2501 processor that comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which has powerful features that are assisted by its 32MB of RAM and 24MB of ROM. Additionally, you do not need to insert any SIM card, just use Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone. In this way, you can use the clock to call and answer the phone, if you are busy. All your options will be easy to understand due to its UL interface update, its functional stability and its 12 optimized functions.

As for the compatibility of synchronization with your mobile, it will work perfectly with the operating systems Android 4.3 or higher and iOS 7.0 or higher. Thanks to them you can configure to receive SMS, incoming calls or play music from your smartphone. A great connectivity option offered is the compass, an outdoor sports helper that will always point you in the right direction. Never worry about losing your way with this smart watch.

RWATCH R11S: Functions

Let’s not forget that it is an intelligent watch and that, therefore, it will bring us multiple functions. You can use it to monitor your health, as an extension of your mobile or as an exercise partner. Here is a list of the most important:

  • Heart rate monitoring : equipped with optical sensor, it detects the dynamic heart rate and allows you to control your heart rate. The measured result is the same as that of other smart monitors, which will help you control the intensity level of the exercise.

  • Sports registration and steps : adopt the Oviphone solution, the performance of the system has been optimized by 35% and the precise increase of the pedometer by 20%. This will allow you to record your daily steps, synchronize your date and keep your life healthier. If you want more data, you can also calculate the calories and the distance traveled. Let me know your sports data and adjust your exercise program!

  • Dialer / Phonebook / Call register : you can make phone calls, verify contacts and record calls on the RWATCH R11S via Bluetooth. It will be the perfect hands-free because it allows bi-directional communications. (The phone book can show up to 1000 contacts).

  • Sleep monitor : the real-time recording of the sleep state helps you to develop good lifestyle habits. Remember that sleep is very important, and having a healthy sleep is essential to perform in your daily routine. Therefore, thanks to the R11S, you will know your sleep quality, adjust it and make changes if necessary.

  • Sedentary reminder : after a long sitting or lying down, the RWATCH R11S will remind you to take a break and stretch. What’s more, intense work makes you forget easily when you must stop. With this function you should only set the time you want to rest and it will remind you daily.

  • Remote camera: control your smartphone to take pictures, is easy to use and allows image synchronization. (When using it with an iPhone, you need to turn on the camera on the mobile before using this function).

  • Search phone / Anti-loss : you should not worry if you can not find your phone. As soon as you activate this function, an alarm will sound on your smartphone to get it quickly.

  • Messaging : you can receive notifications by Bluetooth of SMS, MMS, Wechat, Gmail, ZAKER LINE, Facebook, etc. (Only Android phones).

  • Alarm : you can set up groups of 5 alarms if necessary.

RWATCH R11S: Battery

The built-in lithium-ion polymer battery has a large capacity of 220mAh. This offers 2 days of use but only 48 hours in standby mode. It is still easy and quick to load by connecting it to the PC using the included USB cable.

RWATCH R11S: Specifications

Kind of person:Unisex
Bluetooth:Version 4.0
Impermeability:Yes. IP67
Call:Display of caller ID, call reminder.
Messenger service:Message reminder
Health monitor:Pedometer, calorie consumption and heart rate monitor
Compatible applications:Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp, QQ.
ProcessorMTK 2501
Type of alert:Vibration
Find phone:Yes
Kind:IPS 240 x 240 pixels
Size:1.22 inches
Kind:Lithium polymer.
Wait timeUp to 48 hours
Dial shape:Round
Housing material:Stainless steel
Belt material:Genuine horn
Colors:Black with silver and gold with vinotinto
Dimensions of the product24.2 x 4 x 1.05cm
Dimension of the package8.5 x 8.5 x 7cm
Product weight0.041kg
Package weight0.241kg
It includes:RWATCH R11S, user manual in English and Chinese, USB charging cable.

RWATCH R11S: Availability and price

If we have aroused your interest in the RWATCH R11S and you are thinking, what is the price of this product and where can I buy it? Well, we have the excellent news that it is available for sale in the electronic stores of Gearbest and Aliexpress, where it is available for a price of $ 45.63 (€ 36.81) and between 35.63 (€ 28.74) – $ 44.66 (€ 36.02), respectively. To make your shopping experience faster, we will provide you below with the links that will take you directly to the product. If you are interested in more advanced watches, we recommend the Ticwatch.

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  1. My biggest interest is the heart rate monitor; can it be left in the background with the pedometer to keep track of your heart rate during the day.

    Or is it an app you have to specifically open to check.

    Also, how is the android app selection, does this only work with the RWatch app, or do we have some other choices as well?

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