Sales of the Samsung Galaxy S9 have been much discussed since the launch of the two high-end to the market. Since its arrival, it seems that sales have not met expectations. On more than one occasion it has been said that they did not comply with what the brand expected. That is why the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 has been advanced.

Sales of the Galaxy S9 fall in the second quarter

In this second quarter of the year, the sales of the new generation of the Korean brand have dropped. A bad symptom, because in previous generations the most common thing is that in this quarter sales suffered an increase.

Bad sales for the Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 were put on sale in March, in its first month on sale, they obtained sales of about 10 million units worldwide. It was not bad, but it is expected that this figure would rise in the second quarter, but after three months, the situation is not like that. The high-end of Samsung has seen its sales decline, in a slight way.

Because the Galaxy S9 have sold about 9 million units worldwide in the second quarter of the year. A drop in sales that causes concern, because it is not usual. But that makes clear again that these phones do not meet what Samsung expected from them.

We will see how they evolve throughout the year, although now that in about four weeks we will have the Galaxy Note 9 in the market, it seems that things will go better for these phones. But we’ll have to wait for more data.

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