Samsung was one of the few manufacturers that continues without launching smartphones without notches. Soon after Apple unveiled the iPhone X with such an on-screen monkey, here’s half a world followed the design of the Cupertino company.

Although it was not Apple who brought the notches fashion, which came out with the Essential Phone, Apple made the manufacturers lose the fear of launching a cut screen to the market. After all, if Apple orders it is because the market is prepared for it.

Samsung has always been just like itself. Their smartphones fled the notches and gave users the typical low margins.

Samsung prepares 4 more screen types, 2 of them with notches!

However, something may be about to change. In the presentation of the developers’ conference, where we also saw the first folding screen of the South Korean company, Samsung took the opportunity to show us their future screens and was not surprised when we saw two notches well embedded there.

“Infinity-U”, “Infinity-V”, “Infinity-O” and “New Infinity” screens are the new line of AMOLED screens by the Asian company and should not only be on Samsung screens or competitors.

I remember that Samsung not only makes screens for their Galaxy but also sells them to competitors. For example, smartphones such as OnePlus use screens from Samsung.

That’s why I do not believe that the Asian company will launch a smartphone with notches. Especially with solutions like “Infinity-O” and “New Infinity” in its portfolio.

If the rumors are right, the next Galaxy S10 is likely to come with “Infinity-O” technology. That is, a screen with almost no borders and a small hole for the front camera.

In short, if you’re not a lover of notches do not worry because Samsung, unlike Apple, will continue to offer solutions without such ideology. Still, we can not rule out the possibility of seeing Samsung mid-range terminals following the trend.


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