disable apps running in background on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The case with refined slowdown of older smartphone models is returning to the scene. The Italian anti-monopoly office has decided for local consumers and two giants in the mobile industry have been penalized several-million-dollar fines. Samsung has to pay € 5 million, while Apple € 5 million more.

For all, according to available information from Apple Insider, software updates of operating systems that have literally forced older smartphone users to get a new generation. Devices have simply begun to do nothing, and some features have stopped working, say the case investigators.

Experts say the planned obsolescence of consumer electronics. The manufacturer knows this unfair way to help sell his latest products, with which he has invested hefty money. In order to return this investment back as soon as possible, some of them will occasionally access such business practices.

As for the different amounts of fines, Apple pays once because it has not provided customers with information on how to handle and at which intervals to replace the iOS smartphone battery. This then resulted in reduced performance and subsequent user limitations. The Italian anti-monopoly office infused an additional € 5 million for this scandal.


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