Samsung memory eMRAM
Samsung memory eMRAM

Samsung Electronics today announced that it has begun mass production of its new eMRAM memories using a 28-nanometer manufacturing process (FD-SOI).

Samsung’s eMRAM memories promise to revolutionize the industry

The MRAM memory has been in development for many years and it is a non-volatile magnetic RAM, which means that it does not lose data when it stops having power, as it happens with a normal RAM today.

Samsung’s eMRAM solution based on 28FDS offers unprecedented power and speed advantages at a lower cost. Since eMRAM does not require an erase cycle before writing data, its write speed is approximately one thousand times faster than eFlash. In addition, eMRAM uses lower voltages than flash memory and does not consume electrical power when it is in shutdown mode, which results in great energy efficiency.

The advantages over the memories that are used nowadays like RAM and Flash memories are revolutionary, with latencies of 1ns, greater speed, and greater resistance. The eMRAM memories were conceived to replace the current RAM and NAND Flash memories, although for that we will have to wait a bit.

It is commented that the first modules created by Samsung will have a very limited capacity. The Korean company has not wanted to give too many details about the modules they are making, but the intention is to begin testing a 1GB module before the end of 2019. Later, Samsung also plans to make eMRAM using its 18FDS process, as well as nodes based on more advanced FinFET.

This may be the birth of a new era as far as computer storage is concerned. We will be following your evolution.

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