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Huawei does not go through a good time in the field of telecommunications. Many countries block the Chinese brand from participating in the development of 5G. Something that is affecting the image of the Chinese manufacturer. But at the same time, there are brands that are benefiting from this situation. This is the case of Samsung, which is beginning to gain prominence in this field.

Samsung benefits from the bad reputation of Huawei

The Korean brand has increased its budget in this segment, given the bad times of competitors such as Huawei and ZTE. Since you can benefit even more from this situation.

Samsung takes advantage of the situation

Therefore, it has been announced that Samsung will invest about 22,000 million dollars in 5G, artificial intelligence and other new technologies in the next three years. One of the biggest investments of the brand in this regard. Something that takes place before the bad time of two direct competitors, who see how many countries have doubts about the security and privacy of these companies.

In addition, some companies have already bet on Koreans. Orange will do its tests with the 5G using Korean brand equipment, as it has been known already. In addition, they are likely to also have a presence in the United States in this regard.

It will be necessary to see to what extent Samsung knows how to take advantage of this situation. Although the Korean brand seems to be clear that this is a great opportunity. We hope to know more about your presence in 5G in the coming weeks.

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