Samsung Cancels Pre-sale of the Galaxy Fold

About a week ago, reviewers got their hands on a set of review units of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Less than 48 hours later, reports were flying around the internet about how fragile the display of the phone is. In some cases, the display if the review units malfunctioned. Samsung responded by releasing a statement saying that it will deeply investigate the issue. However, it also advised that users do not remove the protective film covering the display as it may cause damage to the display because of its deep integration with the display.

According to recent reports, Samsung has temporarily canceled the pre-sale of the Galaxy Fold which was originally scheduled to take place in Shanghai, China next Wednesday. The company says the cancellation of the pre-sale is because of the venue. However, it is widely believed that Samsung may be struggling with the display issue that rocked this device.

Although Samsung asked users not to remove the protective film on the display, not all the display issues were caused by removing the protective film. As of now, the company has not released a new date for the pre-sale. The Galaxy Fold will cost US$1980 in North America.

In addition to the foldable shape which the Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with (4.6-inch external screen, 7.3-inch internal screen), the also comes with a Snapdragon 855 processor, the first 512GB UFS 3.0 flash memory (Androbench sequential read speed over 1GB / s) and a 4380mAh battery.


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