Samsung completes the Galaxy Fold redesign, but the launch will not be shortly


Eventually, the rumors have been confirmed. As stated by Bloomberg, who cited a source very close to Samsung, the delay in the market launch of the Galaxy Fold was actually caused by problems concerning the display and a central crack that caused the dust to enter (and not only). For these reasons, the giant from Seoul has had to roll up its sleeves to guarantee the marketing of a perfectly intact and functioning product, without any criticality whatsoever.

Well, according to reports from Bloomberg it seems that we are now. Samsung would have completed the restyling of the folding device, and even the last tests would have given positive results. However, those who expected a possible launch concurrently with that of the Galaxy Note 10 - already scheduled for August 7th - can put the soul in peace: the Galaxy Fold will "land" on markets around the world for sure further, also not to overlap the two events, both of great importance for the South Korean company.

In detail, it seems that Samsung has introduced a kind of film on the display that users will not be able to remove, in order to reduce the protuberance that is formed when the leaflet is open. Also according to the source, Samsung would have taken steps to make the hinge even better, precisely to avoid the recurrence of these problems.

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