Samsung could manufacture the Apple A13 processor

It’s been almost three years since Samsung makes processors for Apple. Something that has undoubtedly meant the loss of a customer of importance to Koreans. But, it seems that things could change with the Apple A13, the next processor of the American firm, which will arrive next year. Since it seems that TSMC, current producer of Apple processors, is having problems.

Samsung could manufacture the Apple A13 processor

Apparently, the application of the technology called Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV) is causing problems for TSMC, which has decided to wait until the arrival of the chips manufactured in 5 nanometers to use it. Something that has given the Koreans an advantage.

Samsung could manufacture the Apple A13 processor 1

Will Apple return to use Samsung processors?

But it turns out that Samsung is much more advanced than TSMC in the use of Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV) technology. Since they are ready to integrate it into processors that have been manufactured in 7 nm processes. Something that TSMC can not currently. And this would place them in advantage in this sense. In addition, the Korean firm works on more improvements.

As it has been confirmed that Samsung is working on an improved version of the InFO (integrated fan-out) technology that TSCM currently owns. So they would also surpass the signature in this aspect. Seeking that Apple decides to manufacture its processor with the Koreans.

At the moment it is not known yet who will be the producer of the processor of the Cupertino firm. The most likely thing is that the production will be distributed among several companies. So we will have to see if Samsung finally manages to recover a customer of importance like this.

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