galaxy fold dispaly issue 696x639 1
galaxy fold dispaly issue 696x639 1

It is very obvious that Samsung is in a race against time to become the first smartphone produce to release a foldable smartphone. The South Korean tech giant was already on the brink of an incredible breakthrough and then, disaster struck. Samsung sent out units of the Galaxy Fold to reviewers and many of them got plagued with tonnes of different issues. With this new development, the company had to put off plans it had put in place to get the device on the market until it had resolved all the issues. Up till now, the company hasn’t officially revealed the release details of the Galaxy Fold.

However, it seems the wait for the Galaxy Fold is gradually coming to an end as an executive at Samsung has reportedly hinted that Samsung may release the Galaxy Fold sometime in July.

So far, this is the closest Samsung has come to giving a specific disclosure about the release of the Galaxy Fold considering that it still doesn’t confirm anything. We expect that the Galaxy Fold will likely get different release dates for different regions. Samsung is expected to host an official conference. We hope that the company announces the July launch date soon.

Back in March this year, Samsung revealed the Galaxy Fold along with the devices in the Galaxy S10 series during the Galaxy Unpacked event. The Galaxy Fold has gained widespread attention and it is all thanks to the practicability of its design and the “protection” it offers the delicate flexible panel with the in-fold design it adopts.

So when do you think Samsung will announce the Galaxy Fold? Tell us what you think in the comments below. Also, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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