Samsung: faltbares smartphone software will be revealed soon


With much excitement, we are looking forward to the coming week, then Samsung wants to present its concept of foldable Galaxy F smartphone for the first time. There were rumors, there were various indications and now there is probably a real confirmation because Kyeon Tae Lee wants to have confirmed at least a part of the foldable smartphone for the upcoming week. This happened during a conference call, which actually dealt with the quarterly figures of the smartphone manufacturer.

But it may well be that Samsung does not show us any hardware, just a look at the software. According to recent reports, Samsung has worked closely with Google to customize the Android operating system for the foldable phone. Basically, we will see how the software will behave in such a device, which is a very important factor.

I do not really see a future in these devices yet, but the concept is very interesting from a technical point of view.

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