Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung, one of the earliest pioneers of 5G-enabled smartphones has announced to fans that it has phones that are 5G-ready. One of them is Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the other is Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G. As regards the first, there’s another smartphone that comes in that name though you could easily distinguish them apart by which one has the 5G in the name. People have started asking questions such as if they could use their already-bought Galaxy S10 or S10e to connect to 5G. Also, people are very interested in knowing which areas in the world have 5G connections. Read on to find the full information to these points.

Brief on Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

This company usually releases two flagship models of Galaxy S every year but in 2019 the company released Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. Are you using any of these? If yes, don’t believe that if 5G comes in your area they will work. It won’t, for those are 4G smartphones.

If you really need a 5G smartphone you have to go for the Samsung that has the 5G in its name if you’re targeting the S models. In other words, you will look out for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. It looks much like other S editions but it is different with a 6.7 inches display, four cameras to the rear, bigger 4500 mAh battery, and for you to really identify it when you buy, look out for the following specific model SM-G977x. If you can’t find that, don’t buy any other S variant because they won’t work on 5G.

Brief Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G

You probably browsed the internet and saw Samsung Galaxy Note10 5G and you thought that is another 5G smartphone from Samsung. No, it is not. The real 5G-enabled Note variant from the company is this: Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G. Watch out because this smartphone also bears some resemblance to its peers. But it is a cutback in some areas like at the battery level, although it also arrives as a smartphone with four cameras situated to the rear. The screen size is a huge 6.18 inches. The chipset is Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.

The problem with this Note variant is the inability of the phone to operate full band on 5G. I guess that this applies to the S variant as well. For now, these two phone appear to work well on high-band 5G networks.

Should You Buy a 5G Phone Now?

The choice is yours. However, it is also notable that availability of these phones are very limited in 2019. The company will not launch these phones where 5G is still a dream. It is said that South Korea and the United States are the first to get the network up and running. It appears that there is now the possibility of finding the full list of countries with 5G network as at August ending 2019.

In case you want to buy the two phones mentioned here, it will interest you that their official price is out and they both go for the same price of $1,299.

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