a3 design
a3 design

When Samsung announced that even the Galaxy A3 (2017) would receive the long-awaited update to Android Oreo, all the owners of the device of the South Korean giant could not help but cheer. But according to the comments released by the users themselves, it seems that this update did not go in the best way, indeed. On the forums and on the support centers, various problems have been reported following the update, starting from sudden restarts up to real bootloops, that is when the device turns on but remains in the start-up phase.

Some users have already pointed out that they have been forced to contact the Samsung service centers to solve the problem. Others have also complained about problems with several public Wi-Fi networks: it would be enough to connect to one of these to cause reboots of the Galaxy A3 (2017). No problem, however, with password-protected Wi-Fi networks. at the moment, the company in Seoul has not yet decided, although it is certain that it is working to find a solution.

On the other hand, such a problem had already occurred on the Galaxy S8 and also on the  S7 smartphones. Then Samsung proceeded to suspend the update and the preparation of a new build capable of solving the bug. In order not to run into these unpleasant problems, it is better not to update the device and wait.

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