Samsung Galaxy A7
Samsung Galaxy A7

Quite a couple of complaints has surfaced concerning the Samsung Galaxy A7 saying that the phone keeps rebooting continuously for no reason at all. Other charges state that the Samsung Galaxy A7 just begins to turn off of a sudden without any prior warning. If you have also experienced this, here is how to stop it. Just follow the instructions I am going to be teaching in this tutorial, but before we start, I would advise anyone who encounters to consult a Samsung Technician as this is the best option because they are professionals and will help you fix it better than you would.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017

If your Samsung Galaxy A7 is still covered by warranty when you are encountering this problem of the phone restarting over and over, then it is better to save up enough money in case your Samsung Galaxy A7 is severely damaged. You can also check out your Samsung Galaxy A7 by Samsung Support if your Samsung Galaxy is either rebooting, shutting down or rebooting of a sudden.

If The Android operating system causes the Galaxy A7 to keep restarting

One of the reasons that may leave behind your Samsung Galaxy A7 crashing or rebooting unexpectedly is the installation of the new firmware update. If this is the case with your Samsung Galaxy A7, you are advised to perform a factory reset on your phone. Follow the steps below to perform a Factory Reset for your Samsung Galaxy A7.

How to Perform Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy A7

  • Shut down your Samsung Galaxy A7
  • Hold down the power button.
  • Once the Samsung logo displays, hold down the volume quieter button along with the power button until the sim PIN is queried.
  • Follow the procedures you see to reset your Samsung Galaxy A7.

Before you use the Factory Reset on your Samsung Galaxy A7, make sure that you have backed up all your data including media files and contacts because, after the reset, all data on your phone will be deleted.

If An application is responsible for the sudden reboots.

The Safe mode is a different mode on your Samsung Galaxy A7 which allows you to remove bugs on your phone, securely uninstall apps, fix apps which are not working, and fix your phone when it keeps restarting. Follow the steps below to enter Safe Mode

  • Power off the Samsung Galaxy A7 completely.
  • Then keep the power on/off button pressed to reboot the smartphone.
  • Once the screen is activated and displays the Samsung start logo, immediately hold the volume quieter button.
  • Keep it pressed until the SIM-pin is queried.
  • At the bottom left you should now find a field with “Safe Mode“.

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