Samsung has already officially presented its new Galaxy Book, a convertible that is called to compete against the range of Microsoft’s Surface. The Korean firm has maintained some of the elements of the model of last year in it, but still leaving with good feelings. Especially if one takes into account that it is a small segment of the market, with few differences between some models.

Samsung Galaxy Book: The competitor of the Surface Pro 6

It comes with a 12-inch screen and surprises with the choice of processor. Because the firm has not used its own processor in it. They have opted for Snapdragon 850 to enhance its operation.

New Samsung Galaxy Book

Next, to the processor mentioned above, it arrives with 4 GB of RAM and an internal storage of 128 GB. Ports are an important aspect in this type of devices, and in this sense, we find 2 USB Type-C ports. The design of this new Galaxy Book is identical to last year, at least the screen is, but in the back, we found some differences.

Since it is in the back where we find a folding support, which will allow us to hold the tablet/convertible horizontally. Before, it was only possible to do this using a keyboard or other type of accessory. Now it will be possible in this way.

So far nothing has been mentioned about the launch in Europe of this Samsung Galaxy Book. Its launch in America will take place at the beginning of November with a price of $ 1,000. We hope to know more about your arrival in Europe in the coming days.


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