Samsung Galaxy Buds Are Better Than Apple AirPods in Sound Quality; Report Says


Consumer Reports has recently published an article in which Apple AirPods have been compared with the Samsung Galaxy Buds. For your knowledge, Consumer Reports (CP) is a non-profit organization which focuses on to provide unbiased reviews on consumer products.

Consumer Reports performed some tests to find out the best wireless earbuds on the basis of "Sound Quality". After testing the Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds, it was concluded that Samsung Galaxy Buds are better than Apple AirPods when it comes to sound quality.

According to Consumer Reports, Apple AirPods deliver physical thump which we get from low percussive sounds like kick drum but lack depth. There is also an issue with the midrange. The report says, "Passages with a lot of instruments blur together for a congested feel, making it more difficult to pick out individual sounds".

Talking about the Samsung Galaxy Buds, Consumer Reports finds that it has good depth when compared with the depth of the Apple AirPods. The reports also say that the mids and highs found in the Samsung Galaxy Buds are also significantly better.

When talking about the design and fit, Consumer Reports has lived this onto the users to pick the best design according to their choice and comfortability. Apple AirPods offers the looser design whereas Samsung has provided the in-ear design to the Galaxy Buds.

CR also throws some light on the integration of Apple Airpods and Apple devices using the custom-made H1 chip made by Apple. The report suggests that the tap controls on the AirPods have some issues. On the other hand, you will find modern features like wireless charging, USB Type-C in the Galaxy Buds.

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Consumer Reports has given a score of 86 to the Samsung Galaxy Buds whereas the Apples AirPods managed to just score 56. If you are interested to go through the full report then click here.

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