Samsung Galaxy M: What do we know about the new range of smartphones?

Samsung is preparing a new range of smartphones under the name ‘Samsung Galaxy M‘. Although not much is known about this new sector, we have some ideas of what can become.

Currently, Samsung has the range “J”, “A”, “S” and “Note”. We will soon have the new foldable smartphones, however, it is believed that the “M” range will be aimed at the mid-range. That is, in 2019 we should have two new ranges on the market.

With competition increasing in mid-range smartphones with Huawei to Xiaomi increasingly relevant, Samsung needs to attack more than ever.

Samsung Galaxy M expected to attack Huawei’s “lite” smartphones

One of the first measures will be to remove the AMOLED screens from Galaxy A and launch with LCD. This will reduce the price of equipment considerably. That way Samsung will have the opportunity to look straight into the “Lite” of Huawei.

This new range “Samsung Galaxy M” should be between J and A. That is, mid-range smartphones that give us specifications relevant to the price. As we see the “A” getting better (and more expensive), the South Korean company needs a segment where prices are more advantageous.

Today we have the information that we will have at least two Samsung Galaxy M. One of them with 32GB and 64GB of storage and the other variant with 64GB and 128GB of memory.

Although we do not know what the design or specifications will look like, we are certainly looking at smartphones with a metal-or-glass, dual-SIM construction and features that look straight to the “lite” of Huawei. That is, dual camera and quality specifications.

However, taking away the memory of smartphones, everything else is guesswork. We should know more about these new Samsung Galaxy M in early 2019.

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